Care of: Paola Shell Grinder

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Using your fingers, break apart your herb into small pieces and place it into the Paola Shell. Avoid placing any flower into the center of the grinder where the magnet is located to ensure smooth sailing.

Assemble both pieces and twist the bottom portion in any direction until you have reached your desired consistency. Empty the contents of your grinder and use the herb as desired.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEANINGSpot clean regularly with isopropyl alcohol to ensure best results. For deeper cleaning, soak grinder in plastic bag filled with isopropyl alcohol for up to an hour. Brush any buildup using a tool with soft bristles, like an old toothbrush. Rinse well with water and either let air dry, or dry with a hair dryer. Be sure that all alcohol has been removed and grinder is completely dry before use.