Glassy is Glori and Cassie, best friends & feminists who like smoking weed and telling people to fuck off, but like, nicely.
We’re women who love to smoke weed. We also love to shop, and traditional head shops have… weird vibes. It’s like - why is everything in here dingy? Why are all of the products so samey? Why is there polyester lingerie for sale? Why is the super-high sales dude only talking to my boyfriend? 

So we started Glassy. 

We figure that we represent ourselves through our style choices all the time, so why should our cannabis accessories be any different? At Glassy, you can find curated, unique products that are actually fun to shop for. We want you to feel comfortable shopping in our store, no matter who you are, and we want you to be just as excited to show off your new pipe as you are to wear your new shoes.
We’ve been hanging out and smoking weed together for years (see above to our baby selves), Emboldened by our upbringing in Northampton, MA, where we were surrounded by strong female entrepreneurs (including both of our mothers) - we believe that women can be anything and everything they want to be.

Like a lot of American women, the 2016 election lit a fire in us. We knew that the next four years were going to be difficult, and we felt it was time to take a big step forward, by owning both our feminist ideals and passion for the cannabis industry, because in that same election, our beautiful home state of Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis use. 

We love the idea that in 2017, we can present ourselves fully as weed-smoking, confident, intelligent business women. Best of all, we love being part of the cannabis community.