Hudson Orb Pipe in Pink Milk Glass
Hudson Orb Pipe in Pink Milk Glass
Hudson Orb Pipe in Pink Milk Glass

Hudson Orb Pipe in Pink Milk Glass

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We love the Hudson's thoughtful design - while small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the orb shape allows the entire pipe to act as a cooling chamber so you get a super smooth hit. 

  • 3 inches across and 3/4 of an inch thick
  • interchangeable carb/mouthpiece openings
  • made of hand-blown borosilicate glass

Each pipe is hand-made and may have slight variations in color, size, and shaping.

ABOUT THE BRAND A modern take on 1970s design inspiration, Canadian brand Laundry Day offers sleek, sophisticated and playful smoking alternatives for a diverse range of consumers. Created to double as home decor items, these pieces can both stand on their own and serve as streamlined vessels.



Hudson Pipe

Watch the smoke billow through the transparent chamber of this disc-shaped glass pipe as you take a breath — or opt for a more mysterious experience, with opaque black. 

The Hudson's wide design also gives the smoke more room to cool down and mellow out before reaching your lips. This feature makes for a smooth and visually stimulating experience.

The perfect piece to leave out on your coffee table or use as in incense holder. 

Finally, something beautiful.


 Approx. 3.75" diameter  x .75" height

Milk Glass 

Please note that our milk glass finish offers characteristic differences in each piece. These pieces are just as durable and functional  as the others, however there will be variations in the color saturation  


*Note that these pieces are hand-blown which creates differences in character from piece to piece


Recommendation: For a cleaner smoking experience, we recommend using our Mesh Screens with this design.